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Our English language courses will help you learn spoken English, written English, and English grammar quickly and easily. You will be speaking confidently in English in no time. Anything in this world is possible and you have the capacity to acquire all that you set your sight on. Believe in yourself, you possess the inner drive to accomplish all of your desires. At Solbiz India we make impossible seem possible. Our teaching methods are simple and interactive.
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  • "After studying at three different institutes for IELTS I had lost all hope that I would never be able to apply for Permanent residency in Canada but studying at Solbiz made me realise that a good instructor can make a world of difference. Today I am happy and well settled in Canada."
    By : - Amandeep Kaur
  • "I wish solbiz came to Mohali earlier. I gave IELTS two times before, scoring only 5 bands but after studying at Solbiz I am able to score 7 bands very easily"
    By : - Karanpreet Singh
  • "I tried various institutes before I came across a friend who recommended Solbiz to me for learning English. Now I am almost a master of the language. Thank you Solbiz and thanks to my friend."
    By : - Gurpreet
  • "Happy to study at an insitute in Tricity which is dedicated to Education. Thank you Solbiz."
    By : - Pardeep kumar
  • "Professionals can really make difference to your life. I Understood this at Solbiz, where scoring 7 bands in IELTS was a cake walk."
    By : - Manpreet kaur
  • "I almost gave up the hope that I can learn English but am grateful to the staff at Solbiz, who brought my Confidence back and made the language soooooooo easy for me." By : - Inderjeet

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SOLBIZ INDIA is one of the most successful and respected educational institute of repute which started as a business consultancy almost a decade ago and diversified in the field of education with main emphasis on English language considering the fact that English is the most widely spoken language in the world and requires focused and methodical learning.
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